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Nat Komar

Shanghai Papa: classics with a modern touch

I recently discovered Shanghai Papa in Rotterdam and added this gem to my top five favourite Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands. Not only do I love the flavours of their dishes, it's just such a lovely place to hang out, relax and enjoy a meal with friends and family. But

Nat Komar

Easy every day Peking duck recipe

This classic dish is a specialty that originated in Beijing, China but is now enjoyed all over the world. The crispy skin combined with the juicy meat, wrapped in a thin flour pancake filled with cucumber and scallions makes this dish addictive and a favourite on many menus in Chinese

Nat Komar

La Mian takes Asian street food to the next level

La Mian Asian Street Food Restaurant recently opened its doors in The Hague. Owners Jimmy Yong and Ching Lei Tchi renovated the property on the Nobelstraat and transformed it into a stunning restaurant, combining a modern interior with classic Chinese details. The new restaurant offers dishes inspired by various Asian