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All food dishes related to modern asian or progressive asian cuisine

Nat Komar

Dinner by Kelvin Lin – The Maldivian experience

With his Dinner by Kelvin Lin @ Home concept, Chef Lin has continued to provide his patrons with delicious menus every month. This month’s menu is based on Maldivian cuisine; that means a lot of fish and flavours from neighbouring country India. Ah the beautiful Maldives. A group of idyllic

Nat Komar

Dinner by Kelvin @ Home - A culinary experience at home!

Chef Kelvin Lin’s culinary take-home menu is everything you’d expect from him. The dishes he offers on the take-home menu are based on the ones he served in his restaurant, Nayolie by Kelvin Lin in Voorschoten. Only this time you can take the food experience home. And what